The Grand Narrative, a blog about culture in Korea

If you’ve adopted from Korea, you know that cultural attitudes play a large part in why many birthmothers place their children for adoption. Looking at it from an American perspective, it’s often hard to under the lack of choices Korean women feel they have, even though a very similar situation existed in our country half a century ago or less. Which is what makes the blog I’m sharing today so interesting.

The Grand Narrative ( delves into “Korean sociology through gender, advertising, and popular culture.” This blogger talks about all kinds of subjects, including adoption, sexuality, domestic violence, censorship, shaping of body image, and more. It’s an insightful look into the culture–and some of the circumstances that perpetuate the role of international adoption in Korea–though of course no one view/opinion/attitude encompasses a whole culture.

The author of this blog, a British expat, has lived in Korea since 2000 and is now married to a Korean women, with whom he has two daughters. It’s a blog worth perusing if you have some spare time.



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