Cool Travel Ideas No. 1–Plan a Scavenger Hunt

So our son continues to ask WHEN we’re going to visit Korea. While we’d planned to travel this past April, unemployment derailed our plans and our travel companions wouldn’t have been able to join us even if we’d gone since they’d had to evacuate Japan after the earthquake. Our whole family longs to travel, but we know that God’s plans are better than ours and that when we do go, his timing will mean it’s the perfect time.

Recent travel of friends got me to thinking about how different our next trip to Korea will be, considering we’ll be traveling with a young child (yes, we are assuming that he’ll still be “young” when our trip occurs) instead of just being a couple for most of the trip. So while we wait, I’ve decided to collect travel ideas from families who have recently traveled with young children.

The first idea comes from a family whose blog I follow ( This family ahs recently traveled to China to meet and bring home their second daughter. As Tonggu Mom prepared for the trip, she’s shared plans, ideas, and tips, some which I think are marvelous and ones I hadn’t thought of.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt. Tonggu Mom created a list of inexpensive or free things her daughter could look for and collect during the trip. I LOVE this idea! What a perfect way to keep a young child engage and interested in the trip. Here are some things that she included on her list and things her friends suggested, although I’ve adjusted them for Korea.

  • plastic pilot wings from the airline
  •  ticket stub from any form of transportation within Korea
  • a Korean coin
  • souvenir from the Hwaesong Fortress
  • a photograph of the our family at one of the palaces dressed in hanbok
  • count and note the number of steps climbed to get to the N. Seoul Tower
  • paper menus from two different restaurants
  • a business card from our adoption agency
  • a note and autograph from a Korean person
  • something that displays the Korean flag
  • photo of the strangest things he sees being sold by a street vendor
  • photo of the most normal thing he sees being sold by a street vendor
  • photos of U.S. franchises with signs written in hangul
  • wrapper from or photo of the most “unusual” variation of the brand he recognizes (like a U.S. cookie or potato chip in an “interesting” flavor)
  • rubbing from a Korean landmark
  • a photo of our son’s favorite band in an ad or billboard

You could even take a small (8 x 8, maybe) scrapbook with slide-in pages and begin to put together a memento book with these treasures. In fact, if you’re really on top it, you and your child could put the pages together, decorated with titles/paper/stickers/etc., before the trip, and begin to fill in the items as they collected. I know, it sounds ambitious but knowing me if the scrapbook isn’t made before, it might not get made.

I’ll probably add to this list and adjust it as I find new information. In the meantime, I’d love to hear some of your ideas. What types of things would you have a child collect while on a trip to Korea?


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