Mango Languages

Since embarking on learning Korean five years ago, I’m constantly looking for language programs that can help my family on this journey to a second language. It seems there’s a lot more out there than there was three years ago. I’m thankful for that, and if the program happens to be free, even better.

Mango Languages is one I just learned about. You’ll find it here.

While you can sign up for the site as an individual, if your library subscribes to Mango, you can use your library card to access the program for free. Our local library district does subscribe, so we’ll be using it more, I’m sure. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a Library Locator button that will tell you if your library subscribes.

I’ve done a little playing around with it already and it seems that it’s kind of a hybrid of Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. I really liked Pimsleur because by the end of the lessons, I could actually use what I’d learned. This seems similar, but you will see the words and phrases written in hangul, like you do with Rosetta Stone, which is the one thing I think Pimsleur is missing.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes as we explore more.



One thought on “Mango Languages

  1. Thanks for posting this. You share some of the best Korean language learning resources. I wish our library participated in Mango Languages — I used it years ago when it was free and learned so much using it.

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