Good Enough by Paula Yoo

In case you haven’t noticed, I love children’s literature. Picture books, chapter books, doesn’t matter, I love them. My most recent read in this category is Good Enough by Paula Yoo, and I must say I loved it.

Yes, it’s about a Korean American high school senior named Patti Yoon. Patti details her struggles with boys, not disappointing her parents, the pressure on her to get into Ivy League schools, and her love of music. You’d think a 40-year-old wouldn’t relate much to such a book, but that teen I was many years ago is still inside somewhere and she related to Patti, at least on some level.

The writing is so good that it brings Patti and her world to life. You cheer her on when she faces racism and hope against hope that she’ll get the guy. It’s just a good read.


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