Did You Know…How to Receive Items in Korea?

Did you know that the only polite way to give or receive anything in Korea–be it change from a purchase or a gift–is to use both hands?

Our first Korean teacher taught us this, and made us practice with an older Korean gentleman who worked at the school. The most common way is to put out both hands, palms up. But you can also put out one hand, if and only if, you place your other hand either under your elbow or on the fold of your arm. Again this technique is used across the board. If you’re making a purchase, you would hand over your money to the clerk in one of the fashions mentioned above. Or if you are giving a gift to someone, you would hold the gift in the same manner.

In this video, Simon and Martina of EatYourKimchi.com go over a couple of gestures that if done North American style can be rude or insulting to Koreans. Giving and receiving items is one of they go over. Check it out. www.eatyourkimchi.com/how-to-use-korean-hand-gestures/


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