The Best Winds

Laura E. Williams perfectly captures the generation divide in this picture book titled The Best Winds.

Jinho isn’t at all interest in his grandfather’s stories or old ways. And when his parents make Jinho work on a kite with his grandfather, he’s sure it’s the biggest waste of time. But once the kite is finished, Jinho is excited to fly it and show off for his friends. Sadly since he hasn’t listened to Grandfather’s stories, instead of impressively flying the kite, Jinho can’t control it and the kite rips when it crashes to the ground. Seeing his grandfather’s sadness over the kite, Jinho stays up all night fixing it and through the experience finds a connection with his grandfather.

I really enjoyed this story and loved the illustrations by Eujin Kim Neilan. It’s the perfect story to read before making a kite.


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