Awesome Alphabet Site

So our family is loving Korean school. We go every Saturday and learn about language and culture. And our teacher shares some wonderful Internet resources with us that I’ll, in turn, pass along to you.

Today I’m sharing an alphabet pronunciation site that our teacher assigned us as homework. And it’s an excellent resource! [Edited: The original site shared by our teacher was removed when Yahoo pulled out of Korea in 2012. But the following is a link shared by a reader (Thanks, Ryan Wiley!) that does basically the same thing.] Heres’ the link:

On this site you’ll find a chart of the Korean alphabet. Along the top are the vowels; along the left side are the consonants. When you click on any of the letters, you’ll hear it pronounced by a native speaker. Then the interior of the chart combines the consonant and vowels sounds. Those combinations are what makes this chart great since some of the sounds change when they are said together.

This is a great place to start if you’re learning the language or just good practice if you’re well on the way with your Korean.


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