Happy Pepero Day!

Happy Millennium Pepero Day from our house to yours

Not that I ever need an excuse to eat chocolate, but if you do here’s your excuse for the day. It’s Pepero (빼빼로) Day!

November 11 was chosen (by the company, I think) as the day to share this delicious treat with family and friends. And today being 11/11/11, it’s like the biggest Pepero Day of all Pepero Days and is being called Millennium Pepero Day. 🙂

This Korean holiday is easy to celebrate. Go to the Korean market. Purchase some Pepero. Give packages to your family and friends.

Nothing to it. Rumor has it that Pepero (the company) sells more Pepero sticks on Pepero Day than they do on all of the other days of the year combined. That may be true, but Pepero (especially the almond variety for me) is enjoyed throughout the year at our house.

So eat up and enjoy this very special once every one thousand-year commercial holiday. 🙂

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