Korable Blocks for Language Learning

IMG_2668Given that our whole family is now learning the Korean language, I’m always looking for language helps. And since my son is multi-sensory learner, the more hands-on the language help is the better. So I was very excited when I stumbled across Korable Blocks (http://korableblock.bigcartel.com/) on Pinterest.

I was even more excited when Korable agreed to send me a review set of the blocks for me to share with you. The set that I’m reviewing includes the four blocks, a storage tray, a book of words, and a brochure about using the blocks. The book includes 120 words that you can build using the blocks, including animals, numbers, directions, and more.

While the idea is simple, I have to say I think these blocks are really cool! There are so many ways to use them that several levels of language learners can benefit from the blocks.

True beginners, like my husband, can role the blocks like dice and practice saying the sound of the character that they rolled. The font used for the Korean characters is modern, which is also good for my husband who struggles with confusing some of the characters when they are written this way.

Then for our son, who is just learning to read in Korean, they are great because he can build words using the book and practice reading them. Building the words helps make a solid connection between the Korean characters and their sounds.

For me, a more intermediate beginner, I can quiz myself by trying to build as many words as I can with the blocks.

With the one product, you can do alphabet drills, reading drills, speed drills, and much more. Since we homeschool, I see us getting a lot of use out of these Korable Blocks. The product is well-made and, I believe, will stand up to use.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to practice Korean, check them out. In addition to this set, their other products include a set of just the four blocks (having two sets of blocks would enable you to build many more Korean words) and a matching game with words in Korean and English.


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