Seoul Station

As we were planning our trip to Korea for October 2017, one of my worries was what we were going to do with our luggage the day we were flying out. Our flight wasn’t until 8 pm, but of course we had to be out of our AirBnB before lunch. I was so relieved when my husband told me that we could check our bags in with Korea Air at Seoul Station.

Honestly, the options for travelers at this station are so convenient. On Friday we were moving from our apartment in Seoul to Suwon, but first were having lunch with a friend. It was Seoul Station to the rescue again with the Baggage Service.

On the B2 level of the station, the Baggage Service allows you to store your bags for hours or days. Cost is based on the size of your bags and how long you are storing them. We stored all of our bags (seven total) for several hours for about $40 that Friday. Then on Monday, we stored our carry-on bags while we did some sightseeing before our flight. We loved this service.

Also on the B2 level of Seoul Station,  you can check-in for Korea Air flights and check your bags. Once checked in, you also go through immigration there, which makes the process once you are at the airport much shorter.

These services made our transitions so much easier.


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