Woorden KO App

Over the last several months I’ve build an impressive collection of Korean language learning apps on my iPhone. So over the next several posts I’ll be sharing them with you.

Right now the one I use the most is Woorden KO. This is no longer free (bummer!). If you are taking a class or working with an independent teacher, this app with be worth the purchase price.

It allows you to build flashcards on your phone. It’s been invaluable to me lately since our current Korean school teacher gives us a vocabulary test every week. Now I just put in the words and phrases into the app, and my flashcards are with me wherever I go.

I love the convenience of it and that certainly encourages me to study more.


Pororo Flashcard App

Well, since I’ve recently joined the land connected to apps (previously I had a phone that would only make calls; so 20th century 🙂 ), I’m getting to enjoy some of the language resources that my friends have been using. As I continue to get connected, I’ll share what I’m finding, but if you have kids, this one is a must.

The iPhone app is Korean language flashcards featuring Pororo. You can find it by searching for this 뽀로로 첫 낱말놀이 in the app store.

It goes over several categories of words, like words used at home, colors, animals, and numbers. It’s really cute and I think most younger kids would enjoy using it. A great way to begin building a vocabulary.