My Top 5 Favs by Category

As the blog continues to grow, I felt it was time to add a Top 5, which might expand to Top 10, list of my favorites in each category. Not that my opinion is gospel, but if you’re overwhelmed by the information here, this might give you a place to start. I’m going to start the list, publish it, and continue adding to it as my favorites change. (In other words, there might not be 5 of everything at the start. Bear with me.)

1. Gungjung Deokbokki– A one-skillet meal that pleases the whole family. Yum!
2. Mu Gook– Our son’s favorite soup.
3. Bibimbap– My favorite dish, but arguably better if you have a dolsot bowl. Mine is good, but not as good our local restaurant.
4.– I love this food blog and use it for finding new things to try.

Places to Visit

Language Resources
1.– It’s very well put together; you can start using what you learn immediately; and it’s free. (Although I do recommend purchasing the Intensive Review for Level 1.)
2. Time for Korean– This volume program for children is what I use with our son. It covers a lot of what TTMIK does but at a child’s level, includes phrases set to music and cultural insights.

1. The Calligrapher’s Daughter
2. Anything by Linda Sue Park


1. Be Strong Geum-Soon– Still my favorite K-drama of all time.
2. BIGBANG– Musical artists that sing hip-hop, rap, and pop.
3. The Grand Chef– A close second behind Geum-Soon for favorite K-drama. It’s probably the first one we’ll let our son watch.
4. All about Eve– One of my husband’s favorite K-dramas.

Resources and More
1. Korea Society– Especially their curriculum, which is available in PDF form.
2. Ask a Korean– Amazing resource for so many things, and if you have a questions, just ask.


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