Something Happened in Bali

For those who are confused, no, I’ve not been to Bali or had anything happen there. It’s the title of the K-drama that my husband and I are currently watching. In Korean the title is 발리에서 생긴 일 or you might also find it listed as What Happened in Bali or Memories in Bali.

Here’s a short synopsis:
– Jae-Min, a young executive in the family business, is engaged to Young-Joo, a young socialite, but interested in Soo-Jung, an orphan from a working class family
– Young-Joo wants to be with In-Wook, whom she met and dated in college
– In-Wook, a working class guy who’s an up-and-comer in Jae-Min’s company, is falling for Soo-Jung
– And Soo-Jung, as of episode 14, doesn’t really know what she wants except for her life to be less hard.

Complicated? Yes. Confusing? Yep. But oh so good! We’ve got five episodes left to watch and while I’m pretty sure I know where it’s going, you just never know. This is funny and touching and depressing, sometimes all in the same episode.

As with most of our K-drama selections, we decided on this one because we found it on the shelf at our local library. I do have a list of dramas I’d like to see, but it’s easier to just go with what we find. And usually we’re not disappointed.

And there’s a language bonus with this one, if you’re studying Korean. Since there are so many different social statuses portrayed, as well as a variety of relationships and ages, you’ll get to hear all levels of honorifics spoken throughout the series. Also as some of the characters move from acquaintances to friends, you’ll see how the level of speaking changes.
Maybe it’s geeky, but I like hearing the same phrase spoken using different honorifics depending on the situation or person being spoken too. It gives me a better understanding of when and how the language changes.

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